Dear August and June – today was a good day

There's no easy fix to the lull, but on days like today there is a ray of hope. We've both been in a state of flux for a while, and there's no denying that some days have been pretty hard. Today offered hope, there was nothing particularly significant about it, but maybe because I took... Continue Reading →

Dear August and June: Still waiting to land

It has been one year since we left on an adventure of a lifetime. Six months or so: so many miles, so many sights, ups, downs, through tunnels, across bridges, over seas... There's no denying that there have been some simply awful things happen since we returned: loss, longing, hurt. I don't know whether all... Continue Reading →

Dear August and June – Today

Nothing can dampen my joy at this day. No matter how loud your protests no matter how convincing are your non essential needs. This day, today, is for me. I will bank this day in my memories and pull it out when I can't remember what it feels like to feel. I will remember a... Continue Reading →

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